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NY State of Health Releases Demographic Health Insurance Enrollment Data

NY State of Health today released demographic enrollment data on the nearly 1 million New Yorkers who enrolled in health insurance plans during the first-year open enrollment period.  The report indicates that more than 80 percent of enrollees reported being uninsured at the time of application. From October 2013 through April 2014, 960,762 New Yorkers enrolled in a health plan through the NY State of Health Marketplace. To view the report, please follow the link below.



AHI, Partners Roll Out National Diabetes Prevention Program

AHI is partnering with CVPH Medical Center, Hudson Headwaters Health Network and Washington County Public Health to implement and expand diabetes prevention efforts in six Adirondack-region counties.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program launched earlier this year in Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, Warren and Washington counties. The New York State Health Foundation awarded AHI a grant to support this initiative.

“Adirondack Health Institute is both the facilitator and lead organization for this grant to build the infrastructure to develop a network of certified lifestyle coaches to deliver the National Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program,” explained Bob Cawley, Director of Medical Home Initiatives, AHI.   “We are collaborating with existing partners to develop a referral base from providers and employers who have established workplace wellness programs to train the lifestyle coaches and implement this vital regional health care program.”

The initiative covers a largely rural population of approximately 300,000 residents, nearly 13 percent of whom live under the federal poverty level. The program is targeting those with pre-diabetes or who are at risk for diabetes, while more permanent solutions are being developed.

Parisi Promoted

Congratulations to Annette Parisi on her recent promotion to Department Manager for Health Home at AHI. Annette, who joined AHI earlier this year as Network Coordinator for the Health Home initiative, will be tasked with, among other duties, developing policies to improve quality and ensure program compliance, establishing additional payor contracts, and leading a merger with the Glens Falls Hospital Health Home.

Parisi, Annette 001

State Provides Feedback on AHI’s “Emerging PPS Network”

The state provided each PPS with feedback.  AHI’s Letter of Intent was described as “overall, a good proposal”, that would benefit from additional partners, particularly behavioral health and substance use disorder providers, and some long-term care providers.  AHI is working to address network gaps, and invites interested parties to contact us at: with subject line: New DSRIP partner.

The state’s feedback on each PPS can be found here:

Performing Provider System Governance

The set of partners working together on a DSRIP initiative is known as the “Performing Provider System” (PPS).  Developing a shared governance model for the PPS is a planning activity that will be supported with the Project Design Grant dollars.  The Project Advisory Committee (PAC) will serve in an advisory capacity to the PPS governing bodies that have not yet been established.

All partner organizations will be included in the process of developing a governance model. DOH notes that: “in the process of formally approving each Performing Provider System, the state shall articulate a set of standards that each lead entity must follow including specific rules on project oversight, performance payment distribution and other required legal and operational obligations of the lead entity”.  In addition, “Coalitions must have a plan for reporting, decision-making, change management, and dispute resolution on performance and incentive payments”.

AHI’s DSRIP Project Advisory Committee Is Growing!

In May, AHI formed a DSRIP Project Advisory Committee, or PAC, that was charged with producing DSRIP project recommendations in a very short time-frame. Membership was determined by a “nomination survey”.  The group met three times over the past several weeks and identified projects to be included in the Project Design Grant Application.

The PAC is now growing, to include management and workforce representatives from every partner organization.  DOH requires that each Performing Provider System (PPS) convene a PAC and offer seats to management and union, or worker, representatives. A survey is underway to begin filling seats.  This very large PAC will serve in an advisory capacity to the Performing Provider System.

Project Advisory Committee Makes Recommendations

In May, AHI formed a DSRIP Project Advisory Committee, or PAC, that was charged with producing DSRIP project recommendations in a very short time-frame. The PAC identified the following projects as the highest priorities to develop with support of planning dollars:

2.a.i Create integrated delivery systems
2.a.iv Create a medical village using existing hospital infrastructure
2.a.v Create a medical village / alternative housing using existing nursing home
2.b.iv Care transitions intervention model to reduce 30 day re-admissions
2.b.viii Hospital-Home Care Collaboration Solutions
3.a.i Integration of primary care services and behavioral health
3.a.ii Behavioral health community crisis stabilization services
3.a.iv Development of withdrawal management (ambulatory detoxification) capabilities
3.g.i Palliative Care: IHI and other “Conversation Ready” Models
4.a.iii Strengthen mental health and substance abuse infrastructure across systems
4.b.ii Increase access to high quality chronic disease preventive care and management

At this time, 5 projects are listed from Domain 2: Systems Transformation.  Only 4 projects can be part of the overall DSRIP project valuation that occurs in December.  AHI will make the case that, in our rural area, a single project titled “Create a medical village using existing institutional infrastructure” could encompass both the hospital and nursing home medical village projects.  Importantly, the group highly valued telemedicine as a strategy, but felt a telemedicine project could be incorporated into other projects.

DSRIP Project Advisory Committee Meetings

AHI used video conferencing technology to convene regional project advisory committee (PAC) members in Queensbury, Plattsburgh and Saranac Lake in the final of a series of planning meetings today to put the finishing touches on a regional planning grant application for the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program.  Funding would be used to help reduce hospital readmission rates for Medicaid patients in the region.  In the photo, AHI’s Colleen Florio, PhD (fourth from the left at the far side of the table), discusses the plan with the committee.

PAC photo

In the Project Design Grant Application, should capital needs be projected out for 1 year or 5 years?

Since DOH did not say to limit capital estimates to year 1, we believe they are looking for estimated capital needs over the life of the projects.