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The Children’s Health Insurance Connection and the Media

Watch and listen for the Children’s Health Insurance Connection’s media advertisements.  You can see or hear them if you:

*Attend a  movie at Regal Cinema 7 at the Aviation Mall or Regal Champlain Centre Stadium 8;

*Ride the Greater Glens Falls Transit;

*See Clinton County’s Public Transit inner city bus;

*Listen to 100.3 – The Point; Froggy 107.1; and Eagle 97.5.



The Technology Used by the Children’s Health Insurance Connection

Since June 1, 2012, the micro websites,, and collectively received 920 desktop views which resulted in 350 visits to  In addition, 349 mobile views resulted in 70 visits to

Visit to see if your children qualify for health insurance.

The Children’s Health Insurance Connection Utilizes Technology

CHIC uses technology to connect eligible children  to Child Health Plus and Medicaid. 


Since June 1, 2012, CHIC has:

*Screened 292 eligible families through their website

*Enrolled 938 children using the Facilitated Enrollment Electronic Application (FEEA)

*1,460 visits were made to


For a screening to see if your children are eligible for Medicaid or Child Health Plus, call 1-866-872-3740 or visit


The Children’s Health Insurance Connection

Since June 1, 2012, the CHIC team has:

-Created and distributed 13,123 targeted flyers for 30 organizations to distribute

-Created and sent 1,500 informational emails with direct linkage to

-Sent 1,600 information and partnership requests

-Distributed posters and palm cards to over 800 sites

-Distributed 500 back to school pencil cases.


For more information about the Children’s Health Insurance Connection, visit or call 1-866-872-3740 to speak with an enroller.