Children’s Health Insurance Connection

After two years of intensive efforts that resulted in a dramatic decrease in the number of uninsured children in six rural counties in the region, the Children’s Health Insurance Connection (CHIC) initiative concluded in 2013. Utilizing technology, education and community partnerships, the program was able to reach out to and connect a large number of families with qualified children to Child Health Plus and Children’s Medicaid, as well as increase the retention rate of children already enrolled in these programs. From the program’s inception through the end of July 2013, 1,549 children in the region were audit approved for Child Health Plus or Children’s Medicaid. Much of our success was the direct result of the 135 community partners involved with the project and we’re extremely pleased the initiative had such a huge impact.

AHI is still committed to helping children and families enroll in health insurance. We offer health insurance enrollment services to individuals, families and small business owners in the Adirondack region seeking assistance with New York State of Health: The Official Health Plan Marketplace. Certified Navigators in AHI’s Enrollment Assistance Services and Education (EASE) Department are available for no-charge, in-person assistance. AHI also offers education and outreach services to professionals and community organizations seeking to learn more about the New York State of Health Marketplace. Education and Outreach Specialists are available to conduct training programs at a location convenient for you.

Please call us at 1-866-872-3740 to set up an appointment with an Enrollment Specialist or to speak to an Education and Outreach Specialist about arranging a training session.

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