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DSRIP FAQ – 12/24/14: CRFP Application

Capital Restructuring Financing Program (CRFP) Application Questions & Answers

Regarding application question number 1, 7th bullet, MWBE (Minority or Women Business Enterprise) Certified, are you referring to the pre-qualified questions within Grants Gateway? We have previously complied with requirements for MWBE for our grants.

The full application requires that the applicant attach required MWBE forms demonstrating how the applicant plans to meet the stated MWBE goal. Please check yes if you plan to submit the required forms. This was included on the AHI Initial Capital Application because we wanted to be sure that all applicants were aware of this requirement.


In the provider category section, do you want just one response or if an applicant qualifies for more than one should they check multiple boxes?

The applicant needs to be able to check at least one box in the Applicant Category to demonstrate that it is an eligible entity. For the AHI Initial Capital Application you can check as many as apply but be aware that the DOH full CRFP instructs the applicant to “Check one.”


In the example re the capital mini-application – it mentions (as an example) a HIT related project. It is my understanding that HIT related projects were being submitted collectively and not part of this. If a project description as currently written – (e.g. Hospital to Home Care) includes necessary HIT capital, is it to be submitted at this time using the application, or deferred to a larger HIT capital? Or both?

I am looking at the capital budget template and since most of what I will be submitting is HIT related, I am looking for input from both our software provider as well as the IT Committee. Is there a mechanism that you would recommend for initiating contact with the IT Committee?

ANSWER 3a and 3b
Organizations that have HIT needs should submit the project as an AHI Initial Capital Application. AHI will be submitting a regional full CRFP HIT application, but we will be using the Initial Capital Application process to gather information about partner and regional needs. For questions and to initiate contact with the IT Committee please contact Bob Cawley, AHI Director of Medical Home Initiatives, at or 518- 480-0111 ext. 32002.


Reminder: the Initial Capital Application is due to AHI by Tuesday, 12/30, at 5 pm.

DSRIP Consulting Agreements

AHI is pleased to announce consulting agreements with the following vendors for services to support the developing Performing Provider System:

Consultant Services:       The Chartis Group- Kathleen McCarthy & team

Financial Services:          CohnReznick, LLP- Peter Epp

Legal Services:                Stafford, Piller, Murnane, Kelleher, & Trombley, PLLC-Susanna Piller

Project Management Services: Dan McGovern

Workforce Strategy Services: Hudson Mohawk Area Health Education Center-Kelly Owens; Northern Area Health Education Center-Anita Merrill

Project Advisory Committee News

The Department of Health requires every Performing Provider System (PPS) to establish a Project Advisory Committee (PAC).  Each PPS partner organization is asked to identify two representatives to serve on the PAC. The first representative is a managerial representative.  The second representative is either a union representative (this is required if you have a union at your organization) or a worker representative. The PAC representative is your front line contact to help keep your organization informed about DSRIP and how the projects will impact and benefit your organization and patient care.


Who is on the PAC?

DSRIP Project Advisory Committee


What will PAC members do?  Right now we envision the managerial representative being more involved and possibly being plugged into different work groups to help with planning and organizing implementation of the DSRIP projects.  The union or worker representative is a role that will be more defined as the PPS identifies the workforce impact of various projects.  During the implementation phase, the PAC will review project progress and make recommendations.


When is the next meeting?  The next PAC meetings will be held on September 25, 2014. There will be a southern region session in Glens Falls from 8am-10am.  The northern session will be in Lake Placid from 2pm-4pm.  A Save the Date for the PAC meetings was sent out on Friday, August 22, 2014. If you believe you should have received a Save the Date and did not receive one, please send an e-mail to and we will contact you.


How often will the PAC meet?  The state advises the PAC should meet no less than once per month during the planning phase. The PAC should meet no less than once a quarter during the implementation phase.

DSRIP: An Opportunity to Implement Recommendations of the North Country Health Systems Redesign Commission

The emerging Performing Provider System’s (PPS) vision is to realize the primary recommendation of the North Country Health Systems Redesign Commission (NCHSRC), “to ensure that New Yorkers in the North Country achieve high quality care, better health outcomes, and lower costs, both now and into the future”. When New York State DOH Commissioner, Nirav R. Shah, M.D., M.P.H., announced the formation of the NCHSRC, he charged the Commission with a goal “to create an effective, integrated health care delivery system for preventative, medical, behavioral, and long term care services to all communities throughout New York’s North Country.” This is the same overarching goal of the emerging PPS.

The Commission points to an integrated approach that “emphasizes prevention, increases primary care, builds more community-based options, strengthens coordination and communication, supports critical safety net providers, monitors and rewards quality, and builds affiliations and partnerships that achieve these goals in a cost efficient and fiscally sound way”. The PPS proposes a set of DSRIP projects that will make real the integrated approach to delivery system redesign that the Commission recommends.

The main objective of DSRIP is to reduce avoidable hospital use by 25%. To get there, the emerging PPS will create the appropriate infrastructure and care processes needed to promote efficiency and to support prevention and early intervention.  Goals include: (1) expand primary care, (2) integrate care through the cooperation of inpatient, outpatient, institutional, and community-based providers, (3) improve communication and coordination across settings of care, and (4) expand community-based options, and (5) educate providers, patients, and communities about palliative care and hospice options.

To date, over 100partners are involved in the planning; AHI cast a wide net and invited all public and private health care organizations to the planning table. The breadth and depth of partners at the planning table lends itself to formation of a sustainable new network.

The PPS will work to leverage, and reconfigure where needed, existing infrastructure to support the DSRIP plan. This includes hospital and nursing home infrastructure, as well as health information technology. HIT readiness for performance based contracting will be assessed, and the PPS will seek to build on existing HIT infrastructure as part of a long-range regional HIT plan. Similarly, the PPS will work closely with the Hudson-Mohawk Area Health Education Center to ensure a long view of workforce development is paired with short-term needs for training.  The PPS will be sustainable in part because it will be grounded in long-range strategic planning for facilities, HIT, and workforce. Another key facet of sustainability will be the ability of the PPS to negotiate contracts with Managed Care Plans.

In the Project Design Grant Application, should capital needs be projected out for 1 year or 5 years?

Since DOH did not say to limit capital estimates to year 1, we believe they are looking for estimated capital needs over the life of the projects.  

How can I check if my organization was listed as a Partner with AHI’s Letter of Intent? How can I get my organization added to the updated Partner list that will be submitted with AHI’s Project Design Grant application?

Send an e-mail with your request.  There are no restrictions on the Partner list at this time.  Any organization with an interest is welcome to take part in the planning process.  The initial Partner list that was submitted with AHI’s Letter of Intent is non-binding.  The updated Partner list that will be submitted with the Project Design Grant application (now due June 26th) is also non-binding.